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client testimonials

One of my favorite things is to hear from a happy client!

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"Thanks again Jamee, for your fabulous style makeover! I learned so much and feel so fabulous when I wear my new wardrobe. From drab to fab! This stay at home mommy of two girls needed it."

Ruth Gray

"Jamee has been an absolute blessing in my life! She has taught me so much not just about skin care and make up, but loving myself and taking care of me.

We have the best time at our appointments and she pushes me to try new colors and techniques that I never would have tried on my own, but I ALWAYS end up loving everything!

I'm so glad that God saw fit to put her in my path and my life. I truly value the friendship that we have formed as well. I highly recommend Jamee for all of your skincare, make up, and just all around beauty needs!"

Stacey Piland

"Before I got married, I was looking for foundation from a Mary Kay consultant and my photographer, Amber Brogden, recommended Jamee! When I found out that she was also a professional makeup artist💄 for weddings👰🏾, I absolutely had to ask her to do mine and my mother’s makeup 💄 for my big day. Jamee did an AMAZING job👰🏾! When I say amazing... I really do mean amazing 😉!! Thank you again, Jamee💖!!"

Tamara Bodenhamer

"I'm blessed in so many ways by knowing Jamee. Though we met some 15 years ago for business, she has become such a dear friend along the way, that I truly believe God placed in my life.

Jamee is the Best Image Consultant/Makeup Artist I have worked with! She has a wonderful eye for color, respectfully listens to your requests, suggests products that are appropriate for your skin tone and age!

In addition to being really good at her job, Jamee is such a genuinely nice and fun person, that you feel at ease with her the moment you meet her.

Whatever service (s) you hire her for, you can always expect an excellent and top quality job, because that's how she is!!

When we've gone shopping, I'm always amazed at her eye for what looked best on me. Things I would have never selected on my own but was so complimentary for my body type and personality.. You will love that  she gives her feedback in a very friendly and non-threatening way, and is a blast as a shopping companion.

And OMG, the hair lessons!! She has totally helped me with mine to complete my overall look. I am so thankful that she was referred to me! Everyone needs someone like Jamee in their life."

Lena Hinton

"Jamee is the best makeup artist I have ever worked with! She knows her products and selects colors that are appropriate for your skin tone and age! I love my look every single time."

Robbie Susan Chandler

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