This is a great place that most of my clients begin from. I will get to learn you and your desired look based on your personal formula for fabulous-ness.

Together we assess your wardrobe, providing valuable information as to what works, what you love, why you buy and what you'll need for your particular lifestyle basic pieces. I'll gently make suggestions regarding items that should be retired and show you NEW WAYS to wear what you already own. You'll be surprised, as are most of my clients, at how many outfits can be created out of existing pieces. SO FUN! 

Be INSPIRED from your own closet after we finish, leaving you with a wardrobe full of pieces that enhance your body shape, coloring, lifestyle and desired brand. 

PRICE: $375 (plan for 3-4hrs, larger wardrobes may take longer)
$75 per additional hour 



 I highly encourage my clients to document new outfits we create. It is my job to put items together in ways you never have before, sometimes making it difficult to remember once I am gone. 

A “look book” can be purchased separately or added to any of the personal styling service package; it includes a tips list just for you, key items needed to enhance your wardrobe and pictures of outfits, for your ease in memory. (sugg. by lifestyle events; work, casual, etc.). 

PRICE: $200



 Does clothes shopping make your stress level and anxiety go up? Well, no more! Just imagine arriving at the store to find a dressing room full of items that compliment your body, your needs and most importantly, your budget. I will save you time and money, while educating you along the way on what works best for you. Of course, I will gently nudge you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to new styles and looks. Rest assured that I never push you into something that you don't love! If it doesn't make you feel your best, it simply will go back on the rack. We can shop together, or I can do the shopping for you. Either will be left with new, complete looks and multiple ways to work them into your wardrobe. This can be a one-time experience and used as a learning tool for those who feel overwhelmed with the shopping process, or it can be done seasonally to keep your wardrobe current and fresh. 

PRICE: $300 – 3 hours + pre-shop, included in price 

(add $75 for each additional hour)


  Let me help show you what looks best for your face shape, hair color, body type and lifestyle.

*Purchase $30 or more and your appointment is then FREE! 

PRICE: $30 -- 30-45 minutes


A wedding is such a special season in life but can also be stressful. As a former bridal consultant, dressing hundreds of brides and their families, I offer services to help you in every step of the way. From the bride, mother-of-the-bride, groom to attendants. Everything from a customized dress recommendation based on your measurements and proportions to wedding day looks and outfits for every shower and party surrounding the big day. 

***A closet edit / personal shopping package makes a great wedding gift. Please contact me for details.***

PRICE: Based on services needed.



Regardless of whether the event is red carpet, your 20-year reunion or lunch where you need to make a great 1st impression, you will look amazing and feel fabulous, head to toe. Please note, this service is for when one specific look is needed.

(Example: black-tie dress for a holiday party.)

PRICE: Determined by job.