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Hi there!

My name is Jamee and I am a Tallahassee, FL based, Beauty Consultant ,  Personal Stylist/Image Consultant.

I love to educate and empower my clients along the way, so they can eventually begin to recreate their looks and make the best selections for themselves, as they go on.

It's both humorous and interesting to know that the first half of my life, I grew up as a TOMBOY.....shocker, right?!? Having 3 brothers who I did everything with, didn't necessarily lend itself to exploring the girlie side of me. While I still do love and follow most all sports, I've had fun discovering this exciting other half of me!

I was around 18, when I started caring a little more about my appearance. I entered the working world, in sports marketing and also started as an Independent Beauty Consultant  with a  direct sales cosmetic company to earn some extra money. Through these career fields, I became increasingly aware that  I needed to sharpen my image.  While we all know the little saying...."Don't judge a book, by its cover", we also know how important our image is to how people perceive us.                                                 

THUS, my love of style and makeovers was born as I started to immerse myself in learning style, fabrics, colors and cuts on what body types, etc.

It was fascinating and fun! I never knew that I had a gift in this area, an eye for color and style and what looks good, until several co-workers at the time, started to notice and said, "Hey, will you go shopping with me and help me put together some new looks too?"

Though my cosmetics sales business grew so fast and I became a top Director and Sales Leader/Trainer for 20 years, I always had clients that sent me referrals for both image consulting/personal styling, as well as professional makeup artistry for weddings and special occasions, that I did on the side. It's been super fun developing my makeup  and style portfolio and helping both men and women to look and feel their best, no matter what profession or season of life.

What a beautiful career and journey it’s been for the last 22 years! 

Now, having transitioned out of my leadership role in my direct sales business,  I am excited to further expand this portion of my business in offering my services full time, rather than on the side.

Truly, there is no better feeling than for me to hear, "Jamee, I totally rocked my job interview and felt so confident because of the outfit you selected for me. Oh! and I got the job, thank you." and  "I have never looked as beautiful as I did on my wedding day, thank you for giving me the perfect makeup look I was going for. I got compliments all day long."

I so appreciate the opportunity to be your “Beauty Advice/Stylist/Makeup Guru”. 

I love my life having you in it and us collaborating to create the looks that take you to the next level in confidence and your life!

You just never know what you may have, hidden down deep in there.

Why not step out and let me help you see yourself in a new light? You may just discover something more amazing than you could ever imagine. 

I look forward to working with you!





 Jamee Wright Makeup & Style, 2018 

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